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November 2019 Newsletter

Lisa Varela discusses, “IRS Provides Section 199! Safe Harbor for Rental Real Estate”. Steve Grgas examines, “Final Regulations on 100 Percent Bonus Depreciation Issued, Along With New Proposals”. Tracy Tasch takes a look at, “Proposed Regulations Provide Guidance on Section 382 (h) Built-in Gain and Loss Computation”.

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October 2019 Newsletter

Wayne Naegele discusses, “Advance Payment Proposed Regulations Released”. Elias Koumniotes discusses, “Eligible Partnerships Granted Extension to File Form 1065 and Schedules K-1”. Salvatore Russo takes a look at, “Final Regulations on 100 Percent Bonus Depreciation Issued, Along With New Proposals”.

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September 2019 Newsletter

Brian Whelan discusses, “100 Percent Bonus Depreciation Guidance for Certain Tax Years Allows Late Elections, Revocations”. Andy Presti takes a look at, “Proposed Regulations Classify Cloud and Digital Content Transactions”. Steve Grgas examines, “LB&I Withdraws Guidance on Cost-Sharing Arrangement Stock Based Compensation”.

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August 2019 Newsletter

Annemarie Aguanno discusses, “House Approves Bipartisan Repeal of ACA’s “Cadillac” Tax”. Salvatore Russo discusses, “Final Regulations Allow Truncated TINs on Forms W-2 Furnished to Employees”. Donald Sager takes a look at, “Continuity Safe Harbor Deadlines for Energy Credit Facility Construction May Be Tolled for National Security Delays”.

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July 2019 Newsletter

Elias Koumniotes discusses, “Final Rules Limit Charitable Contributions Made for SALT Credits”. Andrew Presti discusses, “Employers Can Offer HRAs Integrated with Individual Coverage”. Brian Whelan takes a look at, “Senate Tax Writers Discuss Bipartisan Retirement Savings Bills; Related House Vote Expected Soon”.

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