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July 2021 Newsletter

Annemarie Aguanno examines, “Experts: IRS Guidance Needed on American Rescue Plan”. Donald Sager discusses, “American Rescue Plan Tax Credit FAQs”. Lisa Varela discusses, “Child Tax Credit Letters Being Sent”.

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April 2021 Newsletter

Salvatore Russo discusses, “2020 Filing Deadline for Individuals Extended to May 17”. Brian Whelan takes a look at, “Biden Signs COVID-19 Relief Package”. Thomas Zanata examines, “Experts: IRS Guidance Needed on American Rescue Plan”.

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March 2021 Newsletter

Wayne Naegele discusses, “IRS Urges Employers to Claim Employee Retention Credit”. Steve Grgas takes a look at, “New Form for Self-Employed COVID-19 Leave Credits”. Angelica Farrell examines, “Lenders Notified to File Corrected Forms 1099-MISC to Exclude Subsidized Loan Payments”.

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February 2021 Newsletter

Andrew Presti examines, “IRS Warns Taxpayers and Tax Professionals Against Scams and Identity Theft Schemes”. Salvatore Russo takes a look at, “Deduction Safe Harbor if Loan Not Forgiven”. Elias Koumniotes discusses, “Guidance on Business Deductions of PPP Loan Recipients”.

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December 2020 Newsletter

Annemarie Aguanno takes a look at, “IRS Releases 2021 Inflation-Adjusted Tax Tables, Standard Deduction, AMT and Other Amounts”. Donald Sager discusses, “2021 Inflation Adjustments for Pension Plans, Retirement Accounts Released”. Thomas Zanata examines, “Social Security Wage Cap and Benefit Amounts Increase for 2021”.

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