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October 2020 Newsletter

Wayne Naegele discusses, “Guidance Released on Employee Payroll Tax Deferral”. Brian Whelan examines, “Clarifies Provisions of the SECURE and the Bipartisan American Miners Act”. Angelica Farrell discusses, “Final Regulations Limit Dividends Received Deduction”.

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September 2020 Newsletter

Elias Koumniotes discusses, “AICPA Urges IRS, Treasury to Issue Guidance on Payroll Tax Deferral”. Donald Sager takes a look at, “Temporary and Proposed Regulations Address Excess Employment Tax Credit Recapture Under Families First Act and CARES Act”. Thomas Zanata examines, “CARES Act Provides Favorable Tax Treatment for Withdrawals from Retirement Plans, IRAs”.

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August 2020 Newsletter

Steve Grgas discusses, “Coronavirus-Related Distributions and Plan Loan Guidance”. Annemarie Aguanno takes a look at, “Guidance on Reporting COVID-19 Qualified Sick and Family Leave Wages”. Andrew Presti examines, “Mid-Year Safe Harbor Plan Amendments and COVID-19 Relief”.

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June 2020 Newsletter

Wayne Naegele discusses, “IRS Releases Guidance Related to Loans Received from Paycheck Protection Program”. Angelica Farrell takes a look at, “Due Dates Extended for Additional Filings and Payment Obligations”. Donald Sager discusses, “Extension of Certain Timeframes for Employee Benefit Plans, Participants, and Beneficiaries Affected by the COVID-19 Outbreak”.

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May 2020 Newsletter

Andy Presti discusses, “Get My Payment Tool available for economic impact payments”. Salvatore Russo, CPA takes a look at, “Due Dates Extended for Additional Filings and Payment Obligations”. Elias Koumniotes discusses, “Lawmakers Continue Phase Four Economic Relief”.

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