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June Newsletter

Wayne Naegele looks into, “Business meals and entertainment – how to max tax deductions”. Brian Whelan discusses, “Debate over health care and taxes moves to Senate”.

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May Newsletter

Sal Russo discusses, “White House calls for significant tax cuts and other tax reforms”. Andrew Presti answers, “FAQ: What are my odds of being audited?”.

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April Newsletter

Steve Grgas discusses, “How do I? Maximize start-up deductions for a new business”. Wayne Naegele discusses, “IRS Issues 2017 Inflation-Adjusted Vehicle Depreciation Dollar Limits.”

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March Newsletter

Andrew Presti examines, “Tax scams proliferate during filing season”. While Sal Russo discusses, “Lessons-learned TIGTA report points to changes in 2017 filing season”.

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February Newsletter

Wayne Naegele discusses, “National Taxpayer Advocate calls for taxpayer – centric IRS”. While Brian Whelan discusses, “Filing season begins; IRS warns of refund delays”.

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