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Final Regs Address CPEO Requirements, Responsibilities

Final regulations provide requirements that a person ... Read More

Final Regulations Reduce Section 956 Income Inclusions by Domestic Corporations Owning CFC Stock

Final regulations reduce the Code Sec. 956 amount ... Read More

Temporary Regulations Limit Application of Participation DRD To Prevent Tax Avoidance

Newly issued temporary regulations ... Read More

Final and Proposed Regs on GILTI-Related Matters

Final regulations address the global ... Read More

Proposed Rules Explain 199A Deduction for Cooperatives and Patrons

Taxpayers may rely on two new ... Read More

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Final Rules Limit Charitable Contributions Made for SALT Credits

By: Elias Koumniotes, Senior Tax Manager


Elias Koumniotes The IRS has issued final regulations that require taxpayers to reduce the amount any charitable contribution deduction by the amount of any state and local tax (SALT) credit they receive or expect to receive in return. The rules are aimed at preventing taxpayers from getting around the SALT deduction ... Read More

Employers Can Offer HRAs Integrated with Individual Coverage

By: Andrew Presti, Senior Partner


Andrew Presti, Senior PartnerFinal rules allow employers to use health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) to reimburse employees for the purchase individual insurance coverage, including coverage on an Affordable Care Act Exchange. The rules also allow "excepted benefit HRAs," which would not have to be integrated with any coverage ... Read More

Senate Tax Writers Discuss Bipartisan Retirement Savings Bills; Related House Vote Expected Soon

By: Brian Whelan, CPA, Partner


Brian Whelan, Partner Senate tax writers on Capitol Hill continue to discuss bipartisan retirement savings bills as the House gears up for a vote on a related tax measure.

The Senate Finance Committee (SFC) held a May 14 hearing during which lawmakers on both sides of the aisle highlighted the importance of moving ... Read More


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